Focused Ion Beam Systeme

JIB-PS500i Focused Ion Beam system


JIB-PS500i Focused Ion Beam system

The newly designed JIB-PS500i focused gallium ion beam (FIB) preparation system enables the fabrication, high-resolution imaging and analysis of thin TEM lamellae and cross-sections with unprecedented simplicity. The large, easily accessible sample chamber serves as base for the insertion of very large samples and also allows specimens to be tilted by more than 90°. In this way, TEM samples can be easily prepared, imaged and analyzed directly in STEM mode. For this purpose, both the objective lens and the detectors have been further developed for the highest resolution. In addition, the JEOL EDS detectors have been integrated into the new user interface well-known from JEOL scanning electron microscopes in order to enable the most efficient and simple workflows. The new STEMPLING2 lamella preparation system is also aimed at high throughput and easy handling: Together with the fully integrated OmniProbe tool (Oxford Instruments), numerous lamellae can be automatically and sequentially produced.

A gallium source with a high beam current (up to 100nA) for maximum removal rates and the proven in-lens Schottky FEG (up to 500nA) for large-area, fast elemental analyzes are also available for fast workflows.

The FIB system also sets new standards in terms of usability. The AVERT engine offers users a 3D model of the chamber, the detectors, and the sample holder at all times - this enables maximum overview and safety when working. Owners of a JEOL TEM also benefit from the new "TEM-Linkage" system: A double-tilt retainer can be attached to both the FIB-SEM holder and a TEM holder. In this way, lamellae can not only be imaged in transmission modes in both microscopes, but can also be transferred between the systems without having to touch the TEM grid.


  • TEM linkage: Easy transfer of TEM lamellae on a retainer compatible with FIB-SEM and TEM holders
  • Hardware and software integrated JEOL EDS system
  • Automatic, sequential lamella preparation with the STEMPLING2 system
  • Large chamber and flexible sample stage with travel range of 130x130mm² and sample tilt from -40 to +93°
  • High-resolution imaging and analysis even with magnetic or insulating materials
  • Sample current ≥ 500 nA for extremely fast analysis
  • In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron source and double condenser lens system offer maximum stability and a continuously adjustable electron current
  • Gallium ion source for high sample removal (100nA) and sensitive final polishing at low voltages (up to 0.5kV)
  • New electron detectors for maximum detection efficiency. The retractable backscattered electron detector can be used even when tilted (52°).
  • Complete integration of the JEOL EDS system for maximum ease of use and intuitive reporting of all recorded measurement data (other manufacturers also compatible)
  • JEOL ZeroMag function for stepless transition between light-optical and SEM imaging for smoothest sample navigation
  • AVERT function for real-time monitoring of the chamber including 3D imaging and collision protection
  • With the optional sample lock, even large samples can be changed quickly and safely
  • Numerous flanges for accessory systems such as gas injection systems, sample manipulator, sample lock, cameras, EDS, EBSD, STEM, etc





In lens Schottky FEG



0.7 nm (15 kV)
1.4 nm (1 kV)
1.0 nm (1 kV, BD mode)

3 nm (30 kV)


×10 to 1,000,000 (Reference: Polaroid)

×50 to 300,000 (Reference: Polaroid)

Acceleration voltage

0.01 to 30 kV

0.5 to 30 kV

Beam current

1pA to ≥ 500 nA

1pA to 100 nA

Sample stage

X, Y: 130 mm
Z: 39 mm
Tilt: -40 bis 93°
Rotation: limitless (360°)

Detector system

Hybrid Everhart Thornley detector, upper in-lens detector, in-lens backscattered electron detector, opt. retractable backscattered electron detectors, STEM detectors, chamber scope and navigation camera and others

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