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The latest generation of our market-leading electron probe microanalyzers now provides unparalleled easy access to the world of quantitative micro analysis and convinces with its improved analytical capabilities. During the fully automated sample insertion, a light optical image is captured to serve as a map to swiftly find the region of interest. The new, modern graphical user interface then allows seamless and intuitive operation. Novice users will love the “Easy EPMA” functions – from optimized auto functions for image adjustment to fully integrated real-time EDS to automated spectrometer and crystal selection. Of course, expert EPMA operators will equally benefit through the flexible software concept and many solutions for individualization. On top, the lateral resolution, overall stability and detector sensitivity have been improved even further to render this new EPMA series the reference in its class – again.


  1. JEOL In-lens Schottky FEG
    The In-Lens Schottky Plus FEG in its highly stable and durable EPMA version, with an optimized angular current density, allows for analysis with a large and variable adjustable probe current from 1 nA up to 3 μA. The resolution of the secondary electron image has been improved even under analytical conditions by automatically adjusting the convergence angle.

  2. New Software GUI
    • Auto algorithms for adjustment of focus, astigmatism and contrast/brightness have been significantly improved
    • Context-based and freely positionable functional windows
    • “Easy EPMA” with EDS-based selection of WDS crystals and beam parameters
    • Logging function for quick status inspection and improved predictability of service visits
    • Windows 10 platform

  3. Flexible WDS-spectrometer configuration
    Various WDS X-ray spectrometers enable the modular configuration of the system tailored to customer specific needs:
    • 2 and 4 crystal spectrometers
    • Spectrometers for high count rates at high spectral resolution
    • Spectrometers for highest count rates, e.g. for trace element analyses
    All spectrometer types can be equipped with a large variety of analyzer crystals.

  4. Combined WDS/EDS system
    The JXA-iHP200F comes with JEOL’s 30 mm2 silicon-drift detector (SDD) which is fully integrated with all its features into the microscope software, including live EDS spectra or live mapping acquisition. A high count-rate SDD along with a variable entrance aperture enables EDS analyses to be performed at WDS conditions. Of course, EDS and WDS data can be combined. The intelligent software allows the automated selection of WDS crystals based upon EDS measurements.

  5. Multipurpose chamber
    The microprobe is equipped with a highly expandable specimen chamber and fully automated specimen exchange chamber, enabling you to integrate a variety of optional attachments on the chamber and transferring samples in a seamless and speedy manner.

    The options include:
    • Electron Backscatter Diffraction System (EBSD)
    • Cathodoluminescence detectors (panchromatic, monochromatic, full color hyperspectral)
    • Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES)
    • Air-isolated transfer vessel
    • Plasma cleaner or high etching rate ion source

  6. Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES)
    JEOL’s ultra-high energy-resolution Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer with its superb energy resolution enables unprecedented chemical bonding state and trace element analyses. The variable-line-spacing (VLS) grating allows for simultaneous detection (much like EDS) and detection of Li-K and B-K spectra with a high-sensitivity CCD.

  7. miXcroscopy (Correlative microscope)
    Regions of interest, along with X-Y stage coordinates, can be located and recorded in the optical microscope and transferred to the EPMA for navigation to the desired location for imaging and analysis.


Electron optics

Electron source

Schottky field emission

Acceleration voltage

1 to 30 kV

Specimen current

1 pA to 3 µA

Beam current stability

±0.3% / h; ± 1.0% / 12 h

Resolution in SE image

2.5 nm


x40 to x300,000

Analysis system

Number of spectrometers

1 to 5

Detectable element range

5B to 92U (optional: Be to U)

Wavelengths range

0.087 to 9.3 nm

EDS system

Standard, fully hard- and software-integrated

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