Service support without restrictions! We are there for you (more than ever)!


Dear customers, Dear business partners, Dear JEOL friends,

The corona crisis has given us a firm grip, in business and private perspective. "Trust," "caution," and "belief," are the keywords in today’s time. We would like to ensure all three are strongly adhered to.

TRUST in our unrestricted service when it comes to orders, user questions and maintenance etc., this is something you can really rely on. Trust in us – we are there for you! In case of urgent matters we have even enlarged our service: With the expansion of our online conference rooms as well as the number of licenses for screen sharings, we are able to process your requests remotely and thus react even faster to your support enquiries.

CAUTION should be paramount during this time, for all of us. Not only for protecting employees and customers, but for the sake of everyone. Please don’t feel offended if we ask if anyone is experiencing cold-like symptoms at your site, prior to allowing our technicians to visit, nor while reminding everyone of the minimum distance requirements when it comes to work in your labs. Caution is the only guarantee for all of us to stay healthy in the current global crisis. Caution means looking out for one another and to take responsibility.

BELIEF We believe in the efficiency of R&D activities and in the strength of our dear customers fighting 24/7 against a currently undefined opponent. We pride ourselves that our electron microscopes and services contribute to facilitate their necessary investigations into the novel coronavirus. At this point, we’d like to thank our overall loyal clientele for the confidence they place in us, looking forward into a common and secure future, defined by our consistantly reliable partnerships.

Dear customers, partners, friends, times ahead demand foresight with regards to future challenges and potential risks, whereby the protection of health, safety and privacy are the top priorities. With foresight and courage, we can face tomorrow.  From our side, we will do our very best to stay at your side – now and tomorrow. So let’s keep in touch at any time via telephone, mail, remote or on site, in accordance to special precautionary hygiene and contact measures.

Take care!

In the name of our whole team of JEOL (Germany) GmbH / JEOL (Nordic) AB

Sincerely yours

Dr. Matthias Rodewald
CEO JEOL (Germany) GmbH

Martin Hoffmann
Manager Customer Service JEOL (Germany) GmbH

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