Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

JEOL JSM-IT800 Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope


JEOL JSM-IT800 Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

The next level of analytical intelligence: Our new field emission scanning electron microscope JSM-IT800 unites both highest resolution imaging capabilities and intuitive handling for unprecedented work efficiency. Powered by a new graphical user interface, it has never been so easy to implement light optical navigation, SEM images and elemental analysis (EDS) in one intuitive workflow and report generation process. Owing to the patented In-Lens Schottky Plus technology, the microscope not only facilitates imaging of sensitive samples with high resolution at low dose conditions but also delivers highest beam currents for ultra-fast microanalysis.

With these properties, the new JSM-IT800 covers a broad range of applications and ensures minimum time-to-result even for novice users.


  • High resolution imaging and microanalysis even for magnetic or insulating materials utilizing the JEOL Hybrid Lens (HL) or Super Hybrid Lens (SHL) concept.
  • Probe currents up to ≥ 300 nA (SHL: ≥ 500 nA) for ultra-fast analyses.
  • In-lens Schottky Plus source and double condenser lens setup for highest stability, continuous current adjustment, and maximum beam current even at low accelerating voltages.
  • The new NeoEngine electron beam control system and advanced auto functions provide fast transitions between high resolution imaging and high current analyses, without sacrificing performance.
  • JEOL ZeroMag for seamless transition between light optical and SEM imaging dramatically improves handling and through-put.
  • A choice of new backscattered electron detectors can be used to tailor the microscope to any applicative requirements.
  • Unique lens optics for extreme depth of focus and distortion-free imaging of large sample areas.
  • Fully integrated JEOL EDS system including live EDS for maximum ease-of-use and intuitive integration of all acquired data.
  • Challenging, non-conductive samples can be easily investigated using the flexible low-vacuum system.
  • A new sample exchange system is designed to change even larger samples in a safe, speedy, seamless manner through simple operation.
  • The JSM-IT800 can accommodate a large variety of analysis systems such as EDS, WDS, CL and others.
  • A new Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer allows efficient and parallel collection of very low-energy X-rays simultaneously providing unprecedented chemical state analysis.




Secondary electron image resolution

0.7 nm(Accelerating voltage 20 kV)
1.3 nm(Accelerating voltage 1 kV)
During analysis 3.0 nm (Accelerating voltage 15 kV, WD 10 mm, Probe current 5 nA)

0.5 nm(Accelerating voltage 15 kV)
0,7 nm(Accelerating voltage 1 kV)
During analysis 3.0 nm (Accelerating voltage 5 kV, WD 10 mm, Probe current 5 nA)


×10 to 1,000,000 (Polaroid)

×10 to 2,000,000 (Polaroid)

Accele­rating voltage

0.01 to 30 kV

0.01 to 30 kV

Probe current

A few pA to ≥ 300 nA

A few pA to ≥ 500 nA

Electron Gun

In-lens Schottky field emission electron gun

In-lens Schottky field emission electron gun

Specimen stage

Fully eucentric goniometer stage

Fully eucentric goniometer stage

Specimen exchange

One-action exchange mechanism available

One-action exchange mechanism available

Electron detector system

In-lens detector with integrated filter, Everhart Thornley detector, Options: Retractable BSE detectors, STEM detectors and others

In-lens detector, Everhart Thornley detector, Options: Filtered in-lens detection, retractable BSE detectors, STEM detectors and others

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