Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

JEOL JSM-IT210 InTouchScope™


JEOL JSM-IT210 InTouchScope™

Versatile, high throughput SEM from JEOL combined with the intuitive operation of a table-top SEM.

The JEOL JSM-IT210 is the latest addition to the successful InTouchScope series of scanning electron microscopes. Representing 50 years of industry and technological leadership, the IT210 is a simple-to-use, research-grade SEM with a compact ergonomic design.

With its expanded EDS analysis capabilities, the InTouchScope is a versatile workhorse SEM that can be configured to meet individual lab requirements at an exceptional value. It offers high-resolution imaging and continuously adaptable acceleration voltages at both high and low vacuum mode.

IT210’s intuitive use enables you to easily streamline workflows in any lab. Touchscreen operation or traditional keyboard and mouse interface are at the operator's fingertips. Fast data acquisition make imaging and analysis of samples a simple task.

Thanks to automatic parameter optimisation, it is simple to quickly obtain high quality images using both Secondary Electron and Backscatter Imaging with the IT210. The embedded JEOL EDS system with live analysis includes spectral mapping, multi-point analysis, automatic drift compensation, line scan, and mapping filter functions. The modern SEM even allows to display 3D topographic images and 3D EDS mappings in real-time.

JEOL's popular InTouchScope series also includes the JSM-IT510 with a big sample chamber. It is available with tungsten, LaB6 or high-brightness filament.


The InTouchScope features all the capabilities of a full size tungsten SEM with integrated EDS analysis in a small, ergonomic and intuitive design. It is very easy to install since neither cooling water nor gas are necessary.

Practical features for users of all levels:

  • high resolution imaging in HV/LV/SE/BSE
  • Zeromag-mode for intuitive transition from light-optic to SEM image
  • chemical analysis with integrated JEOL EDS and live analysis / mapping
  • fully motorized 5-axes sample stage
  • multi-touch screen control and wireless operation
  • automatic SEM condition setup based on sample type
  • simultaneous multiple live image and movie capture
  • fast sample navigation at 5x – 300,000x magnifications
  • Smile View Premium with image sharpening, montaging, position alignment and overlay
  • Compact floor space: ca. 0,5m²



High Vacuum mode: 3nm (30kV)*, 4nm (20kV), 8nm (3kV), 15nm (1kV)
Low Vacuum mode: 4nm (30kV)*, 5nm (20kV) BSE

Accelerating voltage

0,3 -30 kV


x5 to x300,000 (Polaroid reference)


SE detector
Multi-segment BSED (opt.)
LV-SED (opt.)
LV-SED/CL (opt.)

LV pressure

10 ∼ 100 Pa

Maximum specimen size

Observation:125mm diameter

Sample stage

5-axes fully motorized eucentric goniometer
X=80mm, Y=40mm, Z=5mm-48mm
R=360° (endless)
Tilt -10/+90°

Frame Store

Up to 5120×3840 pixels


Integrated JEOL EDS in IT200A and IT200LA models with live analysis, live (3D) mapping, spectrum acquisition/display function, qualitative/quantitative analysis, line analysis (horizontal, multi-point), spectral mapping, and automatic drift compensation

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