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JEOL JIB-4700F Multi Beam System


JEOL JIB-4700F Multi Beam System

Advances in the development of new materials featuring complex nanostructures increased demands on FIB-SEM instruments for exceptional resolution, accuracy and throughput. In response, JEOL has developed the JIB-4700F Multi Beam System to be used for morphological observations, elemental and crystallographic analyses of a variety of specimens.

The JIB-4700F features a hybrid conical objective lens, GentleBeam mode and an in-lens detector system to deliver a resolution of 1.6nm at a low accelerating voltage of 1 kV. Using an in-lens Schottky-FEG that produces an electron beam with a maximum probe-current of 300nA, this newly-developed instrument allows for high-resolution observations and fast analyses. For the FIB column, a high-current density Ga ion beam of up to 90nA probe-current is employed for fast ion milling and processing of specimens.

Concurrent with high-speed cross-section processing by FIB, high-resolution SEM observations and fast analyses can be conducted utilizing energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). Additionally, a three-dimensional analysis function that automatically captures SEM images at certain intervals in cross-section processing is provided as one of the JIB-4700F's standard features.


  1. High resolution SEM observation
    Resolution of 1.6 nm at a low accelerating voltage of 1 kV is delivered by a field-free hybrid objective lens, GB mode and in-lens detectors.

  2. Fast analysis
    Rapid analysis is enabled because high resolution can be maintained in analyses under large probe-current by the combination with an in-lens Schottky-FEG and the aperture angle control lens.

  3. High speed processing
    The high-power Ga ion beam column enables rapid processing of specimens.

  4. Enhanced detection system
    Simultaneous detection system involving the newly-developed in-lens detectors allows for real-time observation of images from up to 4 detectors.

  5. Versatility
    The JIB-4700F is compatible with a variety of optional attachments including EDS, EBSD, cryo-transfer systems, cooling stages and air-isolated transfer systems, etc.

  6. Three-dimensional observation/analysis
    Three-dimensional visualization of images and analysis data is possible by the combination of high-resolution SEM and appropriate optional analysis unit(s).

  7. Compatible transfer solutions
    TEM grids can be easily attached to a retainer that can be mounted to the TEM or FIB holder. Hence, lamella can be easily prepared, STEM-imaged and analyzed in the FIB system and transferred to the TEM afterwards.

  8. Picture overlay system
    This intuitive software enables image overlay across various microscope platforms. Images acquired in light microscopes, SEMs or TEMs can be used for navigation in the FIB system and vice versa.



Accelerating voltage

0.1 to 30.0kV

Image resolution

1.2nm (15kV, GB mode)
1.6nm (1kV, GB mode)


x20 to 1,000,000
(LDF mode available)

Probe current

1pA to 300nA

Detector (*: option)


Specimen stage

Computerized 6-axis goniometer stage
X: 50mm, Y: 50mm, Z: 1.5 to 40mm, R: 360°, T: -5 to 70°,
FZ: -3.0 to +3.0mm


Accelerating voltage

1 to 30kV

Image resolution

4.0nm (30kV)


x50 to 300,000
(x50 to 90 obtained at 15kV or less)

Probe current

1 pA to 90 nA, 13 steps

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