JEOL FIB Premiere and more @ Microscopy Conference 2023 - 26.2.-2.3 in Darmstadt!


JEOL is looking forward to your visit at MC23 in Darmstadt! Visit us from 26.2.-2.3. in the congress center "darmstadtium" and learn our news about scanning and transmission electron microscopy first-hand!

From 26.2.-2.3. the gates of the "darmstadtium" Congress Center will open for the annual microscopy conference of the German Society for Electron Microscopy (DGE). We invite you to visit us at MC23 at the JEOL booth of MC23 on the ground floor and talk to our international team. We are always on site for you from Monday to Thursday!
Learn all about our novelty in the field of FIB systems, our completely redesigned preparation system JIB-PS500i with focused gallium ion beam! Discover the diverse possibilities in the field of scanning and emission electron microscopy and how our electron-optical and analytical systems can also support your current research questions.

Monday, 27.2.
14:00-16:00: Akira Yasuhara, In situ observation of structural and optical properties changes in Ag-Cu plasmonic nanoparticles by using specimen heating holder
Yasuaki Yamamoto, Improvement of SEM-SXES analysis for beam sensitive materials by using cooling stage
17:52-18:00: Manuel Reinhard, The JEOL FIB reinvented – New Workflows for EM and beyond

Tuesday, 28.2.
14.00-16.00: Emanuel Katzmann, Improved performance with CRYO ARM II series
Philipp Wachsmuth, JEOL`s JSM-IT800 series: high performance SEM for all users
19:58-20.13: Philipp Wachsmuth, Automation of TEM alignment using python scripting
Onsite this day at our booth E05: Synergy-ED-Specialist Dr. Robert Bücker

Wednesday, 1.3.
12.45-13.45: Philipp Wachsmuth, Advanced tools and techniques for battery research – including JEOL‘s reinvented
Focus Ion Beam System (Lunch Lecture + News/Q&A)
14:00-16:00: Yuji Konyuba, Correlative light and electron microscopy of poly(ʟ-lactic acid) spherulites for automatic
Takanori Murano, Observation of chemical state changes during sample cooling using a soft X-ray
emission spectrometer
Philipp Wachsmuth, Optimum BF (OBF) STEM using the SAAF detector

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